Thai Massage By Sallie Holland LMT

The Practice

of Massage goes much deeper than just knowing the anatomy, stretches, and strokes that relax the muscles. It is an art form where, in a place of stillness, one can find blockages that impede the physical body and emotional self.

Each individual

is in a constant state of change on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level — transformation is possible when we embrace it.  Many positive outcomes can occur when we slow down and bring our focus back to our center.

I believe

in having an open communication with the body, heart, and mind that is in sync with the client in every moment in a session. My combined years of experience as well as knowledge in many modalities come into play during each individual treatment for the intention of the highest and best for those that I am honored to touch.


Sallie Holland is lovely. She knows the body, the personality, and the cartography of the soul. Her work with me is superb.

- Cheryl Mansson - Charleston, SC